Sunken Ships

Sunken Ships

I don’t like
I don’t like
All the good and bad
Seem to be all jumbled
You can’t have one
Without the other
They all sink
To the depths
Like sunken ships

When they stay sunken
All is calm
All is well
You would never know
That the remnants
Of tragedy
Lie just below
The surface
Out of sight
Out of mind
Almost forgotten…
‘Til they surface again

Sunken ships
Lie quietly
On the bottom
In their watery graveyard
A silent photograph
Of the past
Like a moment of time
That has ever been
Holding its breath

What if you could
Walk among them
Stare the past
In the face
One after another
And yet another
Yet another

Each one
A momento of a
A slice of time
So many slices
Each one captured
In its own day

But now together
They sway back
And forth, back
And forth to the
Rhythm of the waves
These long-forgotten
Monuments to
Pain and suffering

Now dancing
Deep under the
Surface of the
Placid and serene
Constant reminders
That her waves
Have not always
Been so docile

What secrets does
She hide cloaked
Within her depths?
What pain is
Locked away
Guarded by her faint smile

You would never
The horrors
That lie below
While you are lulled
To sleep by the warm
Gentle rocking
Of her restful waves


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